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  • Ellenor: for families facing terminal illness
  • Mercure Hotel, Dining Experiences you
  • Sound of Music - The Assembly Hall - 27 Feb -3 March
  • Spa Valley Railway: Dining
  • Mindgame - The Assembly Hall - 30 Jan -3 Feb
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Tunbridge Wells Events (TWE) is an independent, free to use, not for profit, website that shows all events found or advised from an area surrounding Tunbridge Wells. We accept a few adverts to cover our costs (but not our time, it is a labour of love!)

There is just one advertising slot on Tunbridge Wells Events. This is at the top of the desktop site and runs along the bottom of the mobile site. When there is more than one advert booked these are displayed in rotation with a 5 second delay. This is long enough to be noticed and for a viewer to click through to the target website. Adverts are delivered randomly so the order they are displayed is different each time.

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According to Google Analytics the site received over 66,000 visits during 2016; this covered some 157,000 individual page views. We believe (but cannot prove) that the quality of users is high being both local and interested in events.

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Advertisers may be promoted from time to time, and at our discretion, through the extensive social media network built up by TWE which includes over 10,000 followers on Twitter and 2,000 on Facebook.


Image sizes are specific to the site and each advert needs to have both main and mobile images. We can use images supplied or we can create these on your behalf given appropriate instructions, guidance and base images.

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